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Frenulectomy of the penis is a surgical procedure for cutting and removing of the frenulum or to correct a tight frenulum. A tight refenulum prevents the full retraction of the foreskin with or without an erection, which may cause pain and sometimes even rupture of the skin. A frenulectomy may be necessary to eliminate this condition.


The treatment

The preparations and aftercare for a frenulectomy are comparable to those of the circumcision in adults. The wound that is made is much smaller compared to a normal circumcision. The frenulectomy is done under local anesthesia. 

For the healing of the wound, it is important to follow the aftercare instructions carefully. However, we understand that you cannot remember everything on such an exciting day. All follow-up instructions are included on paper. This allows you to read everything at home. If you still have questions you can always contact BesnijdenisPunt during office hours through the general number. In case of emergency, you can always reach us 24/7 through the emergency number. Generally, a follow-up does not take place. However, if you prefer to have a follow-up, you can make an appointment by calling or e-mailing us.



Problems can occur with every intervention, however small the intervention is. These complications can consist an infection or bleeding.  Sometimes a small after-bleeding occurs. In those cases, a bandage will be wrapped around the penis and compressed for fifteen minutes. If the bleeding continues, please contact us.