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Reasons for a circumcision

  • Medical reasons such as phimosis (narrowed foreskin), recurrent balanitis (foreskin inflammation, inflammation of the glans penis).
  • Religious and / or cultural reasons
  • Hygienic and / or preventive reasons, such as medical prevention of diseases
  • Cosmetic and / or sexual reasons (ejaculatio praecox)


The methods

BesnijdenisPunt offers you two methods, the Classical Surgical method with sutures and/or tissue glue and the Clamp method. Each doctor is experienced in both methods.


The age for a circumcision

There is no minimum or maximum age limit for a circumcision. We perform circumcisions at all ages, even for adults. However, the advice generally applies: the younger the better. We advise parents who want their son to be circumcised to have it done at a very young age. An infant of only a few months old won’t notice anything during the entire circumcision. Discomfort and fear can play a role for children older than 1 year, however we can treat this easily with light sedation or good distraction. Furthermore, the healing process is often faster in younger children.

Presence of parents / family members

BesnijdenisPunt is very well aware of the fact that the circumcision of your son is a special day, where you and your family members would like to be a part of. In our clinic it is possible for the parents to be present during the circumcision together with a few other family members, as long as their presence does not disturb the treatment process.


Permission statement

Before the circumcision of a child, both parents or the legal representatives must have read and signed the informed consent. In case of an adult circumcision, the patient must have read and signed the informed consent statement himself. For a child aged between 12 and 16, both parents and the child must have read and signed the informed consent statement. In the declaration of the informed consent, you declare:

  • That you request the doctor to perform the circumcision on yourself or your son.
  • That you as parents are together responsible for the fact that your son is being circumcised. If one parent cannot be present, a written permission of the absent parent must be included or legal proof that only one parent has custody.
  • That you realize that a circumcision is a medically NON-NECESSARY procedure, and that this relatively small intervention, in special cases, can lead to complications.
  • That you have read the general conditions and privacy statement of BesnijdenisPunt and agree to them.