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Vision and purpose

“A circumcision is a personal matter. The choice for performing a circumcision can have many reasons. Often these are religious, cultural, hygienic or cosmetic reasons. Sometimes there is a medical indication, such as a narrow foreskin. All these reasons are well grounded in our viewpoint to have a circumcision performed. What we, the doctors of BesnijdenisPunt, find most important, is that a cosmetic high quality circumcision is done in the safest way without pain and with adequate sedation.”

Our doctors

All our doctors are qualified and competent in performing circumcisions and they are all highly experienced in both the Classic and the Clamp method for babies, children and adults. At BesnijdenisPunt there are also doctors specialized in performing corrections after an earlier circumcision elsewhere. A frenulotomy (removal or shortening of the frenulum) is also possible at BesnijdenisPunt.

If you have any other specific questions, please feel free to contact us and ask for the possibilities in case you are looking for a treatment that isn’t mentioned. 

Our Prices

- Circumcision up to 12 years: € 275, -

- Circumcision 12-16 years: € 325, -

- Circumcision from 16 years: € 425, -

- Frenulotomy: € 425, -

- Consult: € 75, -

- Corrective Circumcision (the same price as a circumcision based on age)