BesnijdenisPunt is specialized in circumcisions for boys and men in the Netherlands.

With more than 1,000 performed circumcisions, our doctors are highly experienced in performing high-quality circumcisions under suitable anesthesia.

Strict quality requirements and hygiene standards are applied at BesnijdenisPunt. A new, disposable set (of instruments) is used for each circumcision. Furthermore, strict attention is paid to infection prevention and the safety of our clients is our priority.

Cosmetic good results

In addition to high quality, good hygiene and a safe environment, BesnijdenisPunt performs a cosmetic fine circumcision. 

Each of us recognizes the importance of caring for a patient. A personal and child-friendly approach is a requirement for us, because every child and (young) adult is unique. Therefore, handing out all the information and good aftercare you need are of equal importance as a high quality performed circumcision.

Optimal environment

BesnijdenisPunt aims to provide you or your child an optimal environment in which the circumcision is performed pain-free and fear-free. A circumcision is often a special occasion for parents and family members. Therefore, we allow the parents and family members to be present during the circumcision.

For the Young and Old, Welcome to BesnijdenisPunt!